Craig Seymour is the author of both adult fiction under the by line of Craig L Seymour and children’s fiction under C. C. Mour. All of his titles are available exclusively for Kindle at amazon.com/author/craiglseymour and amazon.com/author/c.c.mour.

The Time Skip stories are a twist on the usual time travel story. The story begins with TIME SKIP and the concludes with the follow up THE TIME SKIPPERS

Curtis Lovelle was a middle aged man with a happy life. He had a good marriage and little boy who was the light of his life. When asked by a coworker, “If you could do things over again, would you do anything different?” Curtis was sure he would not. But when he woke up in his parent’s house,eighteen years in the past, he had to face the fact that he would have to do it all over, and that not changing anything would be next to impossible.

Curtis begins his new life as a sixteen year old, trying desperately not to alter the course of his life. As he negotiates high school for the second time, he becomes keenly aware of how easily each mistake can send his life off on a new trajectory. And if that isn’t frustrating enough, he soon realizes that he is uniquely positioned to try and forestall the mass murder of more than 3000 people seventeen years before it happens. Torn by his need to regain his life and a feeling of obligation to use his foreknowledge to save innocent lives from mass murder, Curtis experiences heart breaking setbacks and incredible triumphs as he navigates his way through a life he has already lived.

The middle grade Magic Amulet Mystery series follows the adventures of Steven Jefferson and his friends after the discovery of a magic amulet brings the Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow into their lives. THE HEADLESS HORSEMAN RETURNS is the first book in the series followed up by THE POWER OF THE AMULET.

Middle school student Steven Jefferson has a well-earned reputation as the best detective in town. At the age of thirteen, Steven even solves cases that the Sheriff can’t. Already far from being a typical 8th grader, the discovery of a magic amulet is about to make his old life look boring by comparison. Steven is working his biggest case ever when he finds the talisman and things become much more complicated. The infamous Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow shows up and Steven finds he has an even bigger mystery on his hands.


2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. First book good enough to lure me into second. Second book NEEDS AN EDITOR!! Not “peaked his interest” (what do you think, opened the package and peaked in? ) but piqued. Really, he had “groan” a beard?!? Really?? GROWN! Many “their” for “they’re” and more very irritating grammatical errors. Almost put the book down even though the story line away engaging. Pay me and I’ll make your book read like someone who is educated and speaks Englsh wrote it!


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